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Make a statement with an eye-catching logo design that completes your brand.

Company Logos

The quality of our past logo designs speak for themselves! I work with top local and international designers to develop logo designs that are the foundation for incredible brands. I’m proud to be part of designing logos for Fredericton businesses, and watching their brands take off!

Does the quality of your brand match the awesomeness of your business? Logo design in Fredericton is becoming more competitive – the quality of your logo design reflects the quality of your business. The freshness of your logo design tells your customer you are relevant. The perception of your company can change just with a new logo.

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Why Choose Us

  • We have helped to propel dozens of brands to success with our company logos and corporate IDs.
  • We have experience in developing brands in virtually every industry, including construction companies, service based companies, startups, non-profits, and healthcare services, among many others.
  • Our company logo designs are unique, eye-catching, and impactful.

Past Projects

Logo design for Fredericton company TMC Contracting

TMC Contracting logo
Artist: Ebony Rose Augustin

Logo design for Fredericton company CS Windows & Blinds

CS Window Blinds logo
Artist: Ebony Rose Augustin

Logo design for the NBDHA by Matthew Phillips

NBDHA logo
Artist: Matthew Phillips

Logo design for Sundial Getaway Cottage, Savage Harbour, PEI

Sundial Cottage logo
Artist: Aaron Doucette

The logo for Garage Kings, Moncton, New Brunswick logo designers

Garage Kings logo
Artist: Kit Hunt

Elements of a Great Logo

A new logo design is a powerful tool to refresh your company’s brand image and keep up with the latest trends in the market. What are the qualities that we strive for in our logo design work? These are our goals when working with you to develop your unique brand:

  1. Simple: a simple design is easier to recognize, remember and reproduce.
  2. Relevant: your logo should represent the brand and its values.
  3. Versatile: your logo should be effective across various mediums and applications.
  4. Memorable: a memorable logo stays in the minds of consumers.
  5. Timeless: a timeless logo remains relevant and effective over time.
  6. Appropriate: the design should be appropriate for your target audience and industry.
  7. Unique: a unique design sets your brand apart from competitors.

A well-designed logo will make you stand out from the competition, create a strong and recognizable brand identity, and build trust with your customers.

By investing in a new logo design, you can give your company a professional, modern and appealing look that will help you attract new customers and retain your current ones.

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Kind Words

When it comes to helping you build or expand a website, Aaron Doucette is my favorite go-to-guy for quality, pricing and efficiency. It is hard to find ethical and reliable help in the digital world, except with someone like Aaron. He takes your work and brand seriously. Aaron is an exceptional and likeable person – his work speaks for itself.

Lisa Caprelli
Author, Marketing Consultant

Aaron has managed all of our web site needs. His team created our first and subsequent updates to our web site, The majority of our sales requests come from our web site, above any other media advertising. Aaron and his team are super stars when it comes to SEO. I would completely recommend Aaron Doucette Web Design & Marketing!

Kevin Steen
Owner, Happyfloors